Here at Chicago Models we specialize in custom painting, we also specialize in custom waterside decal production. This allows us to have competitive pricing on custom painting as we are able to design and print the needed decals in house.

Contact us for a quote under the contact page (Please say Custom Painting in the subject line), below is a few units we have painted. Painting starts at $475/ unit, the price will adjust depending on how many colors are needed, the complexity of the scheme and the projected amount of actual working time on the unit. 
Some railroads we have painted:
Metra F40PH-3
Amtrak P42 42 vets
Wisconsin Central 7525 Operation Life Saver
Rock Island GP-7 4506 
North Shore Line (CNSMRY) 229 MD Car
Metra 405 Milwaukee Road Heritage MP36PH-3C
Metra 402 State of Illinois MP36PH-3C
RTA Pullman BiLevel Coach
Metra Pullman Repaint
Metra Bike Pullman
Illinois Railnet GE 6 & 7
Union Pacific Olympic 2001 (Not accepting at the current time)
Union Pacific Olympic 2002 (Not accepting at the current time)
Metra F59PH
Metra F59PHI
Leigh Gorge Valley SD50
Metra RTA Wrap 100
Amtrak 90208 Vets
Amrak 90221 Vets
Amtrak 90250 Seahawks (Not accepting at the current time)
Union Pacific Dash B40-8 1848
Metra F7
Metra 2018 ONP F40
Union Pacific 2010 BSA (Not accepting at the current time)
Union Pacific 7400 Pink Ribbon
Metra F40PHM-2
Metra F40PHM-3
Metra F40C
NS Dash 8.5
Union Pacific ES44AC
Union Pacific SD70ACe
Metra Highliners
GMTX 9000 SD60
WSOR Bilevels 
BNSF Business Passenger Cars 
FVR Railroad SD70M
ATSF Dash 8
NS Dash 9
CBQ SD24 504
SP 1518 SD7
Wisconsin Central SD45 OLS 7525
Great Northern NW-5
Burlington Northern NW-5
Burlington Northern GP50
NXTRACK BNSF Rail Inspection Car
Metra SW1 NIRC1
Georgia North Eastern GP7U 2097
Georgia North Eastern GP35 372

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